Investment Advisory

MalikMakaan real estate advisory service encompasses deal origination, purchase and sale negotiation, due diligence and finance functions.

When investing, clients must satisfy three essential conditions:

  • It must provide with adequate security of capital;
  • It must complement existing real estate portfolio; and,
  • It must meet threshold for risk-adjusted return.

Once an investment opportunity is selected that meets the above conditions we will help client underwrite using a thorough approach and perspective refined over many years.

Whether buying or selling, effective negotiation requires that an advisor understand the subject asset better than the vendor or purchaser counterpart. Our underwriting program encompasses a macro review of the market in which the asset is located and a micro review of all key elements of the asset such as building physical and environmental condition, building operating cost history and recovery history for both operations and capital costs, building layout and stacking.

We provide our clients with a complete written analysis of all of the above factors well in advance of the expiry of due diligence periods to enable them to make informed investment decisions. We will not adjust our key set of financial assumptions to make the deal work. Instead, we apply strong underwriting capabilities, establish base-case modeling assumptions and sensitivity analysis and then work with our clients to determine the acquisition price that meets their risk-adjusted return criteria.

Property Advisory

We are engaged in offering property advisory services for all residential and commercial properties, rendered by our expert team members. Our property advisory services includes project budgeting, performance monitoring and variance analysis. With the assistance of our research professionals, we are constantly updated on market changes and well-positioned to provide our clients with real, up-to-date, actionable market recommendations.

Loan Advisory

Contact us now, we may be able to assist you with a hard to find loan. Loan Advisory Service can help with competitive rates on residential, investment, commercial loans or reverse mortgages. Once our customers become clients who enjoy a friendly and personal long term relationship with our team, it will give them the confidence to personally refer family, friends and work associates to our company to assist them also with their mortgage and personal loan requirements. We provide independent advice, training and solutions on loans and related areas. Underpinning our expertise is a deep knowledge of loans products and markets gained over many years operating businesses, delivering client financings and matching the changing needs of borrowers and investors across different markets and conditions.