Commercial Property Purchase

Every Businessman wants to buy his own office but taking liquidity out from business and buying a office looks a way difficult ,this product is the answer of the need, clients just need to contribute 25% of the property agreement value and the rest 75% will be funded by the bank .The property gets transferred on the buyers name we as Malikmakaan suggest our clients to take pre approval of commercial properties ,purchase loans and then search property accordingly which always helps to negotiate Good deals as the seller understands that by having a pre sanctioned loan you can pay it immediately also with good discounts as a market trend

Home Loan

Taking a residential property is one of the most important and emotional decision of one’s life, we in malikmakaan understand the importance of buying a residential property and we do a special research based approach while borrowing a Home Loan for our clients. Borrowing pattern is very important in a home loan as the liquidity, loan Repayment ability is not the same with all clients.

Unsecured finance

Sometimes developed business does come up with the requirements of funds overnight to grab the opportunity that will take them to next level. Malikmakaan is there for these types of requirements which will allow you to grab any business opportunity with both hands by arranging unsecured funds from various Individuals and Entity. These funds can be arranged for tenure of 3 months to 12 months period.

Loan Against Property

Loan against property is one of the preferred way of raising funds against a residential or commercial property by the way of giving it to banks or institutions as mortgage. Malikmakaan is expert in structuring loan against property deals for their clients according to specific requirements such as Long Re payment schedules ,flexi Re Payments, LAP is a overdraft where interest will be charged only when the funds are utilized.